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There are some upcoming promotions on Kindle that you might want to look out for. Most of the ones listed here are herbal medicine, plus one about herb crafts and a couple of more broadly health-related titles.

19/03/14 - 20/03/14
Natural Remedies from Salad Herbs

22/03/14 - 23/03/14
Healing Herbs for the Ornamental Garden

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Regular visitors will have noticed that the old site was getting slow and unreliable, with some pages inaccessible, even though (I promise you) they were still there.

After quite a bit of research, I've decided to move to a new platform, and from now on you should find the site behaves more predictably.

It will take a while to restore all the stuff I had on the old site (all the pictures seem to have disappeared, for example), but in a few days you should find it's all back to normal (ish).

Thanks for your patience.


Olive relieves bites, stings, itching and more

Olives can be grown in containers

Olives are the fruit of the tree Olea europaea, also sometimes called oliveleaf, and mu xi lian in Chinese. Green and black olives are different stages of ripeness, though some varieties are always picked green.

Rosemary health benefits [video]

I just uploaded my latest video, which is about the health benefits of rosemary, to YouTube.


Gotu Kola, superfood and super herb

Gotu kola is a low growing plant which likes wet soil

Gotu kola is the Sinhalese name for Centella asiatica (syn. Hydrocotyle asiatica, H. cordifolia, H. erecta, H. repanda and Trisanthus cochinchinensis), also called Asiatic pennywort, brahmi, centella, Indian pennywort, ji xue cao, kodokan, marsh pennywort, pennyweed, sheeprot and thankuni amongst many other names worldwide. It is not related to kola nut.

Common Larkspur for external use only

However attractive, larkspur is a poisonous plant

Common Larkspur, Consolida ajacis syn. C. ambigua, Delphinium ajacis, D. ambiguum and D. gayanum, is also known as Eastern larkspur and rocket larkspur. It is an attractive hardy annual, reaching a height and spread of 1m (3') x 30cm (1') and is frequently grown as an ornamental. It requires full sun and a moist soil. Larkspur is useful to organic gardeners, as it functions as a trap plant for Japanese beetles.

Today's freebie: Herbs from Native American Medicine

Herbs from Native American MedicineHerbs from Native American Medicine, volume 9 in the Herbal Medicine from Your Garden or Windowsill series, is on free offer from today, 29 March through midnight Pacific on 31 March.

Frankincense - ancient antibacterial and antifungal

Flowers of the frankincense or olibanum tree

Frankincense, Boswellia sacra syn. B. carteri and  undulato crenata, is also called the olibanum tree and ru xiang shu. It is a tender tree, usually with multiple stems, which reaches a height of 8m (25'). It requires full sun and prefers an alkaline soil.

A book about dying with herbs

Many people enjoy using herbs and fungi for dying. The craft which nearly died out in the twentieth century, but fortunately has been revived.

Cotton for women's problems and a men's contraceptive

Popular with women for much more than cosmetic use

Cotton (also called American cotton, American upland cotton, Bourbon cotton, upland cotton and lu di mian), scientifically Gossypium hirsutum syn. G. jamaicense, G. lanceolatum, G. mexicanum, G. morrillii, G. palmeri, G. punctatum, G. purpurascens, G. religiosum, G. schottii, G. taitense and G. tridens, is a tender annual which can reach a height of 1.5m (5'). It requires a sunny position and rich, well-cultivated acid to neutral soil.


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